Painter & Printmaker


I am a painter and fine art printmaker based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. My work is always about locations, real, imagined or a mixture of the two. I have a particular interest the relationship between people and the places in which they live. I’m also curious about just what it is that constitutes beauty in an environment.
The filmmaker James Benning defined an artist as 'someone who pays attention and reports back'. This rings true for me; my method of working is to observe and enjoy the places in which I find myself, take notes, and then - back in the studio – to try to recreate what it felt like to be there.
I frequently make multiple attempts at this in different media - and it can take years of re-imagining, refining and redefining, with only a scribble and a memory to tie me to the original time and location.

Although I have a very broad interest in landscape, it is the city and its environs that is the major focus of my work, and even my rural landscapes usually feature the marks of habitation. The subjects that interest me include: the domestic city scene, urban landscapes and roadscapes, walls, hedges, paths and power lines, and those pockets of woodland that always exist secretly within cities.
 I gained a distinction in MA Printmaking at Bradford College in 2000 and, as I like to produce work on a theme in series, I started to make sets of original prints to complement larger paintings. 
 I have exhibited regionally and nationally since 1996, with a break from 2004 to 2009, during which time I worked as Director of Fabric in Bradford and then Manager of the Art House in Wakefield, supporting other artists in their work. I’ve now returned to following my own practice and have a printmaking studio at South Square Centre, in Thornton, Bradford. I currently work mostly in etching and drypoint.

I work from my studio at South Square in Bradford, where I experiment with a wide range of print methods. In recent years I have concentrated on drypoint and collagraph media, as well as renewing an acquaintance with direct drawing